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Ukrainian Genealogy - Research of documents in archives

Ukrainian Genealogy is a team of professionals.

Each of us has gained great experience in genealogical researches of their own family trees and will help you rediscover your family history!

Ukrainian Genealogy - family history

Research Stages

Ukrainian Genealogy - origins of family name Ukrainian Genealogy - meaning of surname

Filling out of an application form by the client.

Ukrainian Genealogy - analysis of family names Ukrainian Genealogy - history of family names

Analysis of the application form and detailed description of the research prospects in archives.

Ukrainian Genealogy - free expert advice Ukrainian Genealogy - family presents

Signing of a contract and making of a deposit.

Ukrainian Genealogy - genealogical books Ukrainian Genealogy - design of family coat of arms

Step-by-step research in archives.

Ukrainian Genealogy - genealogical programs Ukrainian Genealogy - state archive

Processing of primary information and making a preliminary report.

Ukrainian Genealogy - family archive Ukrainian Genealogy - interpretation of surnames

Carrying out further archival research of next generations, classification of the data.

Ukrainian Genealogy - interpretation of family names Ukrainian Genealogy - onomatology

Final payment.

Ukrainian Genealogy - armory

Finalized report with provision of all copies of documents, generation-by-generation record,genealogical tree and family connections schemes.

Services and Prices

Ukrainian Genealogy - Genealogical Research

Genealogical Research

Professional research of ancestors and relatives in archives will enable us to find documentary evidenceabout the lives of previous generations and create your family tree.

Time for performance: 5 months.

The cost of one family line (one family name, standard case) 19-20th century:

27 000 UAH

One family line of 18th century:

11 000 UAH

* Impossible without researching the genealogy of 19-20th centuries.

Ukrainian Genealogy - Military Career

Military Career

Documentary facts of your ancestor’s participation in wars of 18-20th centuries.

Cossacks’ campaigns against Turks, Tatars, the Polish. Napoleonic wars.Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78. First and second world wars.Resistance movement in Ukraine. Documentary evidence of awarded military decorations.

Time for performance: 4 months.

16 000 UAH *

* 18 000 UAH for officers.

Ukrainian Genealogy - Full Genealogical Research

Full Genealogical Research

Includes the fullest and deepest possible research of each family line.
DNA testing of major family branches in order to establish historical haplogroups.
This research includes all our services; creation of a family genealogy book and design of a family tree are also included.

Time for performance: 1 year.

450 000 UAH *

* for standard cases of peasant pedigree on the territory of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Genealogy - Family tree

Family tree

Based on your application form or a questionnaire, our team of genealogists and designerswill create a unique design of your family tree and print it on canvas or photographic paper.It will be the best present for anyone! Shipping nationwide.

Time for performance: up to 3 weeks.

Canvas on a stretcher 50 × 70 cm.

4 200 UAH
Ukrainian Genealogy - Interview and memoirs

Interview and memoirs

A professional journalist will interview your relatives and then adapt them into a book of memoirs or your memoirs. Every life is interesting and unique, and we will help you to record it for your next generations!

Time for performance: 3 months.

9 000 UAH

The survey is conducted by a professional genealogist historian, processing and writing a book of memoirs or your memoirs. Each life path is interesting and unique, and we will help to write it down for posterity!

Ukrainian Genealogy - Regional Ethnography

Regional Ethnography

Elaboration of a certificate with information about the place of yourorigin based on the results of an on-site data collection as well as archival records.

Creation of a page in an Internet encyclopedia (Wikipedia). Your personal contribution into our country’s history!

Time for performance: 6 months.

16 000 UAH
Ukrainian Genealogy - Chronicle of an Enterprise

Chronicle of an Enterprise

Making of historical records of your company.All major events, dates and the company’s achievements will be made into an easily understood and historically accurate text.

Time for performance: 3 months.

19 000 UAH

* for every 25 years of the company’s history.

Ukrainian Genealogy - Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

If there are only a couple of days left until a memorable date,our company can offer you a certificate for any service that will be a perfect birthday, wedding or anniversary present.

The gift certificate is made in the form of a scroll on parchment paper or leather. The scroll is enclosed in a handmade tube with a wax seal.

Scroll cost - 1000 UAH
Ukrainian Genealogy - life

Questions and Answers

  • How can I be sure that it’s not a fraud since it’s easy to make fake documents by means of graphic editors?

    All photocopies during the research are made officially at state institutions,we also add a reference number (fund, description, case, page).You can check it yourself by requesting a case indicated in the reference number from an archive.You will have a direct contact with history!

  • Why does the research take so long (5 months and even a year)?

    There are several factors that influence the research.Firstly, it’s great amount of information that needs to be studied,and wide geography of the search caused by migration waves on Ukraine’s territory.Secondly, it’s nonuniform record keeping and, unfortunately, “archival bureaucracy”:unexpected closure of an archive for repair works, long term of providing of cases,limitations regarding the number of cases that can be given at once, low percentageof digital copies of the needed materials.And thirdly, sometimes, we need a letter of attorney from the client to confirm theirfamily connections and continue the research.

  • What does “one family line” mean?

    Every family has two main lines: the mother’s line and the father’s one.The number of family lines (family names) doubles with each next generation.Our task is to make the research of our client’s surname (family name) back into its past.

  • My grandfather is from Georgia and my grandmother is Russian. How can you research our family genealogy?

    Our colleagues will conduct research of any complexity in almost all post-Soviet and European countries,including big cities. In special cases, we organize business trips for our best experts.

  • Can I receive a digital copy of my family tree made by your designer and then print it by myself?

    Of course, this option is possible.In such case, you will have a discount on the design, and the work will be done faster.

  • My family legends have it that my ancestors were some gentleman’s serfs.

    The majority of Ukrainian population (80-90%) are descendants of peasants.Such cases are common and are considered standard. Non-standard cases include genealogies of noblemen,Polish gentry, Crimean Tatars, search for Jewish origins, families of clergy.In such cases, interpreters and business trips might be required.

  • Is it possible to research further back than 15-16th centuries?

    Unfortunately, genealogical research in our country is limited by 17–18 centuries.Exceptions do happen, but they are rare.

  • What does “standard case of genealogical research” mean?

    The majority of Ukrainian population (80-90%) are descendants of peasants.Such cases are common and are considered standard. Non-standard cases include genealogies of noblemen,Polish gentry, Crimean Tatars, search for Jewish origins, families of clergy.In such cases, interpreters and business trips might be required.


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